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updated 10/23/2022


Magic the Gathering Schedule

FNM's every Friday at 7pm,
Store Credit tournaments 2nd Sunday of each Odd numbered Month
Some kind of Staples tournament 2nd Sunday of each Even numbered Month

Store Credit Tournamens 3rd Sunday of the month
This is also Casual Day

Tournaments are 4th Sunday of the Month

WarHammer Casual Day 3rd Saturday of each month.
SaturdaysOpen Play Board Games and Roleplaying Games


Next 2nd Sunday Magic Legacy
December 10, 2023
Entry Fee is $20 if paid before 12:30 pm
and $25 if paid after 12:30 PM
1PM Start Time REL is Competitive pending
acquisition of Comp REL Judge

Decklists Required - Click here to download
Magic Companion App code is EWYGEWG
Link to Facebook Page

Prize Pool:
1x Scrubland (EX)(3ED)
4x Force of Will (3 are EX, 1 has a Dent)(EMA)
4x Bloodstained Mire (EX+/EX)(KTK)
2x Flooded Strand (EX/EX-)(ONS)
3x Urza's Saga (NM)(MH2)
2x Orcish Bowmasters (NM)(LTR)
3x Wooded Foothills (EX+/EX)(KTK)
2x The One Ring (NM)(LTR Bundle Foil)
1x Mindbreak Trap (EX)(ZEN)
1x The Dead Marshes - Foil Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (NM)(LTC)
3x Windswept Heath (EX+/EX)(KTK)
4x Arid Mesa (NM)(MH2)

picture of prize pool
Prizes will be based on attendance
8 players card prizes to top 2 only
    (3rd will get store credit)
9-16 players card prizes to top 4
*17-24 players card prizes to top 4 only*
    (5-8 will get store credit)
25-32 people card prizes to top 8
33-38 top 9
39-42 top 10
43-46 top 10 and 1 random
47-48 top 10 and 2 random


Magic Monthly Unsanctioned
Vintage Tournament
12/17/2023 at 1 PM
$15 for up to 10 playtest cards
$20 for up to 15 playtest cards
$1 additional for each playtest card over 15
Cash only for entry fee
Credit cards fine for other purchases
All $ taken in is given back in Store Credit
T4 - T8 depending on Turnout
Decklists Required
Click here to download


Magic Monthly Unsanctioned
PreModern Tournament
12/24/2023 at 1 PM
$15 Cash entry fee
Credit cards fine for other purchases
All $ taken in is given back in Store Credit
T4 - T8 depending on Turnout
Decklists Required
Click here to download


Knight Ware Inc. will be closed for
Yearly Inventory January 1-4, 2024

Reopening January 5, 2024 normal hours


I am redoing the website categories.
I have begun updating the HTML to show/list
what inventory Knight Ware Inc. has in stock

Please be patient as my webcoding skills
are a bit rusty/ancient
(Most of website is HTML4)


Most Lists are very basic and many are text only
All lists are informational and for in store pickup only
There are no "Buy" buttons and NO SHIPPING
*Not all links are ready*


Category Date last updated
Collectible (MTG), Non Collectible (Board)
Miniatures (40K), Role-Playing (D&D)
Gaming Related Product
Dice, Painting and Modeling ,
Miniatures - Non Random
Jigsaw Puzzles, Squishables


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deck lists from past Eternal events
Still a work in progress, comments welcome


Knight Ware now has 22 Magic Legacy decks
and 8 Vintage decks with 10/15 Playtest cards
available to borrow for our tournaments

**some need updating**


Store Hours
Sun 11AM - 8 PM PT
Tues-Thur Noon - 8 PM PT
Fri, Noon - 10 PM PT
Sat, 11 AM - 10 PM PT
(818) 769-7830


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