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Other items are available. We welcome your inquiries.

If you want to sell us your cards

We are buying Magic the Gathering CCG, singles, sets and collections.

If you want an estimate on what we will pay for your items, email a list of the rares and better uncommons
including quantity set and condition of card for Magic.

We use the following scale to grade cards. This is based on the back of the card as well as the front.
Look closely at the back

Mint A card that is absolutely perfect, 100% centered and has no defects at all. Most cards out of the pack are NOT mint.

Near Mint/Mint (NMNT/MINT) This is an unplayed card that may not be 100 % centered.
Sometimes when the card goes through the collation machinery during packaging, the machines leave faint straight line scratches.
We grade the majority of the out of pack cards as nmnt/mint.

Near Mint (NMNT) This card is usually unplayed. The card shows almost no wear. It may have a few minor scratches or slight marks on the edges.
The card may have some very minor scuffs from being transported.

Excellent: (EX or EXCL) This card will have some wear on it that can be seen without magnification.
It may have minor edge wear but no whitening. Minor surface scratches may also be present.

Fine (FINE) This card has definitely been played/scuffed but not too heavily.
It will have minor scratches in its surface and one or two edges may have some whitening of less than 1/16".
It may be slightly warped and/or have some minor shuffle creasing. It may have minor binder dings.

Good (GOOD) A heavily played card that has white on most of the edges and probably some of the center as well . It may have light water damage. It may have a lot of scratches and some surface denting. It may have major shuffle creasing / binder dings

Poor/Damaged: Any card in less than good condition (has a rip, tear, crease, anything that prevent it from being used in tournament play)

Items can be brought in (preferred) or mailed to

Knight Ware Inc.
3709 Cahuenga Blvd. West
Studio City, CA. 91604

Attn: Lori

When shipped Items are received, if their condition/count is correct, a business check will be mailed out per our estimate.
If the condition/count varies significantly or an estimate was not requested in advance a new price will be offered.
If the seller does not accept, the cards will be returned at sellers expense.