Knight Ware Inc

3709 Cahuenga Blvd West
Studio City, CA. 91604
(818) 769-7830

 page last updated 11/28/2023

Store Hours:
Sun 11AM - 8 PM
Noon - 8 PM,
Fri, Noon - 10 PM
Sat, 11 AM - 10 PM PST
(818) 769-7830

Magic Schedule:
FNM Legacy 7PM
2nd Sunday of the Month - Legacy 1pm
3rd Sunday of the Vintage Tournament and OldSchool open play
4th Sunday of the PreModern Tournament

Saturdays are open play for boardgames / RPG's

WARHAMMER: 40K / Fantasy / ...
open play monthly on the third Saturday
painting / assembly 1pm - 2pm
open play 2pm - 9pm

Free open gaming if nothing else is scheduled
(Just be aware, parking is street only and metered except Sundays)

Most Inventory is now linked through the fromt page
All Inventory is Pick Up Only, NO SHIPPING

Magic the Gathering
Booster Packs, Bundles and Decks
  (I do stock singles but they are not inventoried call or email inquiries
  About 600k sorted, another 900k I'll get to)
Games Workshop WarHammer 40K and Fantasy
Horus Heresey, Kill Team, Necromunda, Blood Bowl
Privateer Press We currently have stock of WarMachine/Hordes
  (but are not getting any more)
Boardgames: (usually around 600 titles in stock)
Paint / Hobby supplies (Games Workshop, Army Painter, ...)
Unpainted Minis Lots of WizKids (usually 400+ different ones)
Some Role-Playing Games (mostly D&D)
A small stock of traditional games Chess, Checkers, Dominos, ...
Squishable Plushies
Some Jigsaw Puzzles.


Non or Partially Linked Inventory:
A fair amount of Star Trek CCG Singles (Decipher about 10K Rares, maybe 100K C/U)
A fair amount of UNORGANIZED Mage Knight and MechWarrior Figures
Older movie trading card sets and some singles (Star Trek, B5, Xena, ...)


EMAIL any questions


Thank you for your interest